Dr. May Knight

Female Archeologist,


Height: 5’3” Age: 24 Weight: 115 pounds Eyes: green eyes Hair: drak brown hair Skin: light skin

AC:12 Hp:31

Strength: 13(+1) Dexterity: 15(+2) Constitution: 15(+2) Intelligence: 16(+2) Wisdom: 14(+2) Charisma: 16(+2)

Reflex save: +6= 4(Base)+2(dexterity)

Languages: English, French



Dr. May Knight is the daughter of Anne M. Chevalier and Renee Bonnet. May was born with the name Maybelle Anne Bonnet and grew up in New Orleans. Her mother Anne was from a rich french family and disapproved of her marriage with Renee who was a famous escape artist from a circus. Anne rich family disowned her and now Anne works as a librarian and curator at a library, her father Renee is the security guard at the library. May grew up loving to read books and learning about the different histories and legends of other countries. She graduated high school with high marks at age 16. The Chevalier family, so proud of their intelligent granddaughter, took her into their family and paid for her college in Oxford. There she studied to be an archeologists in her 4th year of college she fell in love with her good friend Ethan Knight and married him. She changed her name to May Knight. Ethan signed up to be a pilot for the Great War (WWI) and died for his country. She was only married to Ethan for one year. She traveled the world while she was at Oxford on expeditions and working on excavations in many countries. May graduated from Oxford with a doctorates degree at age 24. She specializes in the Medieval history of Europe. She was engaged recently to a fellow archeologist named John Middleton but soon canceled there engagement because John was selling artifacts May discovered on excavations to the Black Market and for money laundering with the Italian Mob. She made a deal with John, if she didn’t turn him in and he promised to never see her again. Now she is visiting a New York Museum trying to get a commission to fund her next expedition.

Dr. May Knight

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