Handouts will be added after each game.

The following is information that you should be at least somewhat familiar with.  This information is rather widespread as it’s somewhat pervasive.  Carlyle is a household name in early 1900’s America, having it’s fingers in just about everything: transport, munitions, import/export, etc.

Handout # 3 Handout # 4 Handout # 5 Handout # 6 Handout # 7 Handout # 8 Handout # 9 Handout # 10

The rest of these handouts will all be physical things you find with the exception of the first.

Handout # 1 Handout # 2 Handout #11: A mysterious letter found at the murder scene Handout #12: A business card given to the investigators by Jonah Kensington Handout #13: A matchbox found at the Elias murder scene.  Poole left it on Mentiri's desk Handout #14: A photograph seemingly dropped by the perps Handout #15: Found in the pockets of the late Jackson Elias Handout #16: Found in the junkie's pocket, apparently used to hold his cocaine. The bloody finger prints found on the paper are most likely those of Elias Handout #17: Found crumbled on the floor of the Hudson Handout #18: The symbol carved into Elias' forehead Handout #20: A letter from Jackson sent to Kensington Handout #21: A volume written in Jackson's hand detailing his trip to Kenya.  Found in the bureau of the room where you found the body of Matthias Handout #22: Excerpt from a 40-page journal, written in Jackson's hand Handout #23: These were the notes pulled from the Prof Cowles' book Handout #24: Found in the files of Dr. Huston


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