Remy Federico

A theif on the side of good.


Size: Medium Height: 6' 1" Weight: 175 lb Eyes: Red Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Pale


Born in Louisiana to a family of thieves, Remy grew up around it and thought it was the natural way of life until he was 16. When he saw the damage that it caused when a little girl was crying about the things they did, and his father beat her to shut her up. From then on, Remy didn't want to be a thief and ran, but it being the only life he knew, he eventually decided to rob for the right reasons. Stealing from the rich corrupt and giving to the poor for years. The people he stole for have been referring to him as "The White Devil" for his good deeds and scary red eyes. He got caught in New York stealing from a business owner who was overworking his employees and sent to prison for 5 years. He recently got released after only 2 years for good behavior. He's now back on the streets at 24 years old.

Remy Federico’s Journal

On the Way to New York.

I had hopped on a train to Manhattan to be there per request of my friend Mr. Elias. The train unfortunately got held up when cattle covered the train tracks in some farm country out here in Philadelphia. At the next stop, I gave a call to my good friend, letting him know of my lateness. All he told me in return was “Meet me at the Chelsea Hotel, Room 410, at 8 pm.” I told him I don’t think I could make it by that time, and he just hung up. So I moved at the speed of steam, but unfortunately I arrived at the station at 8:30. Maneuvering through this city was a little rusty as it’d been a few years, but I managed to make it by 9 pm. The local authorities were swarming the hotel. I managed to sneak up to the room and saw poor Mr. Elias had been murdered. I then went back to the police station and waited around until I overheard some news from a junkie, talking about happenings at some place called the Juju house. He meantioned a car that I had overheard the police mention speeding off from the hotel. I think I managed to get a direction out of him, whether it’s the right one or not, I guess I’ll be finding out in a few minutes.

Remy Federico

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