Matthias M. Merryweather III


Height: 5’11” ; Hair: Dark Brown ; Eyes: Green ; A slender and charming man in his 40’s


Matthias Mortimer Merryweather III was born to the Union Lieutenant M. Mortimer Merryweather II and Elizabeth Merryweather in the Winter of 1875. Childhood for the young Merryweather was considered charmed. His father had been commended for his heroics in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War, giving his family a great deal of notoriety. Due to the position of the Merryweather family, his popularity among the children of his father’s associates grew lackadaisically. Invitations to birthdays and various social events were never in short supply. However, majority of the invitations were declined due to his father’s wish for him to stay far from the inane ideologies of the aristocracy. He was tutored throughout his early childhood in the areas of politics, economics, philosophy, law, history, swordplay, and marksmanship.

At the age of 16 Matthias’ father sent him to Europe as the ward of a circus ringmaster whom M. Mortimer had become acquaintanted with throughout the war. Matthias’ father desired for him growth far from the glorification of war by admirers of the lieutenant’s heroics on the battlefield. For just over 10 years, Matthias traveled through much of Europe, Africa and Asia with Giancarlo Moretti’s Traveling Troupe of Entertainers. In order to earn his keep Matthias decided to learn the trade of his traveling companions. He learned every aspect of what it takes to be a great circus performer. But, above all, he excelled in balance and accuracy with throwing blades of all types. It was not long before Matthias, now going by the moniker of The Flying Marksman, became the main attraction. In just 3 short years after starting his training Matthias was able to hit any target from atop a tight-rope or swinging from a trapeze. He learned how to draw a crowd not only with his skills, but also with his charm. Giancarlo decided that it was his time to retire and was preparing Matthias to become the new ringleader. Unfortunately, just as the final preparations were being made to the newly-found Flying Marksman and Friends, terrible news caught up to Matthias.

In his 10th year abroad, Matthias learned of the murder of his parents at the hands of a Confederate sympathizer. The man, Jedidiah Montgomery, had recognized Matthias’ father as the “hero” responsible for the deaths of many of his friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Shortly after, Jedidiah was hanged for murder. Due to the difficulty had tracking him down, it took 2 years for the news to find its way to Matthias. Devastation overtook him and he immediately made his way home.

Upon arriving home Matthias hastened to his family’s home, expecting to find it abandoned. Much to his chagrin, he was mistaken. It so happened that the self-proclaimed best friend of M. Mortimer Merryweather II, Constance Ruth, had been declared the primary benefactor. In Matthias’ absence, there was no family left to stake claim on the Merryweather Estate. Constance used his influence with the aristocracy to forge a Death Certificate for Matthias, leaving no true heir to his father’s home. Seeing Matthias returned, Constance had him incarcerated as a thief.

Shortly after his imprisonment, Matthias was visited by a friend to his father. A man who knew of Constance’s plans but was unable to prevent the outcome. Jackson Elias met and quickly befriended Matthias’ father in the 3rd year after Matthias’ departure. Believing Matthias, Mr. Elias used his resources over the better part of 6 months proving the identity of the man claimed a thief. He was successful to this end. Nothing was able to be done about the Merryweather house, though. Due to Matthias’ absence, and having no proof of his father’s wishes for the remains of his household, they remained in the care of Constance Ruth.

With what little money he had left and financial support from his friends in the Traveling Troupe of Entertainers and Mr. Elias, Matthias set out to Pennsylvania for the purposes to schooling in law. He was intent on finding a way to re-appropriate that which his parents left behind. But it would seem that the charmed life Matthias had once known was replaced with utter misfortune. In his second year at Penn Matthias joined the Bowl Fight. Given his great dexterity and knowledge of balance, Matthias was quite the athlete. But misfortune again presented itself when a freshman, William Lifson, was proclaimed dead in this, the 1916 Bowl Fight. Matthias recognized him as the first man he rushed headlong at. He remembers the man falling easily after the hit, as his weight was easy to use against him. The horror washed across Matthias’s face as he came to the realization that the death of this boy may have very well been his fault. The guilt prevented Matthias from continuing his education. He left Pennsylvania and returned home to New York.

Shortly after arriving in New York, Matthias took work as a clerk for the law office of Stanley Morgan. Mr. Morgan, having known of Matthias’ misfortune, took him for a weak-willed individual. It appeared that he was not far from the truth. Matthias bore the brunt of the old man’s disgust, saving his charm for his leisure time. That was until Constance Ruth showed his face in Mr. Morgan’s office. Matthias asked Mr. Morgan what business he had there. He was informed that Mr. Ruth would be transferring the Merryweather house to one Mr. Nathaniel Harding, a plantation owner known to still keep slaves under the guise of hired help. It would seem that Mr. Harding wanted a summer home in the north.

Matthias left the office of Stanley Morgan without hesitation, purchased weighted knives and began tailing Constance Ruth. Matthias shirked his responsibility to the law. “If the law will turn a blind eye to justice, then justice shall act in kind.”

  • Slavomir Miklov – the Strong Man
  • Eddie Harris – the Human Cannonball
  • Jackson Elias – a friend of the Merryweather family (has revealed very little about himself)
  • Jedidiah Montgomery – the murderer of Matthias’ parents {DECEASED}
  • William Lifson – an unfortunate soul who Matthias blames himself for the killing of {DECEASED}
  • Stanley Morgan – a lawyer and employer of Matthias, working with Constance Ruth to sell of the Merryweather house
  • Giancarlo Moretti – The Ringmaster of the traveling circus Matthias rode with. He took Matthias in, teaching him and loving him as his own son.
  • Constance Ruth – a selfish and conniving man who used his power to steal Matthias’ inheritance. He has done all in his power to quash any hope Matthias has had since he returned to the states.

Matthias M. Merryweather III

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