Special Agent Jonathan Scott


6’2", 205 lbs., blonde hair , blue eyes. A nicely built man, not huge, but when one takes a note of his size he’s not someone to be trifled with either. He usually wears a hardened, almost expressionless, face…with obvious signs of hardship and determination.


Born in a suburb of Chicago, IL, Jonathan was raised in a utterly loving family. His father, Richard, was an retired army veteran who owned a small liquor store a couple of blocks away from their elegant home. Jon’s mother, was a nurse at a hospital in downtown Chicago. Richer than most families, the Scott’s had always gotten what they need to happily accommodate a family of 6. Jonathan had two older twin brothers, and one older sister. From a very young age, Jon had always wanted to be a police officer, so he can up keep the morals that he was taught living in this family. After high school, his older brothers Jake and Bobby, were always out, rarely ever at home. And when they were home it was usually late at night when everyone except the father was asleep. Jon was always curious to what they were up to, so one night he stayed up late, just to catch his brothers walking in the door. Something was wrong though, he heard panic in Bobby’s voice, and Jake was sounding very angry. Jon couldn’t hold his curiosity, he went downstairs into the living room where he saw his 20 year old brother Bobby in the clutches of their father…bleeding from the stomach. Jake stood over them, just watching, not even a single tear coming down his face.

The Scott’s money didn’t come just from the parents jobs, but also from the illegal gambling house Richard had in the basement of his store. Jonathan, nor his sister Susan, had no clue about all this until after the fact. The police raided the place and Bobby was shot running away despite several warnings to stop. Jake didn’t seem to care at all and was just furious that the gambling house was compromised. Richard all flushed with emotion, wouldn’t let go of his now dead son. Even when the police knocked on the door, Richard had to be torn away from the corpse.

The man who had come into the house last, was a man wearing a different badge than the others. He talked with Richard and Jake for awhile and then just motioned for the flatfoots to take them outside into the paddy wagon. Jake erupted with anger, shouting how it was all Bobby’s idea and that he had forced Jake into doing all this and that they were doing it all under their father’s nose. Jon’s face filled with anger when he witnessed his older brother trying to cower his way out of this situation by pinning it all on Bobby. The father didn’t even speak up, he just let Jake ramble on.

The man with the different badge then came to talk with the rest of the family, who was now fully awake and trying to understand the situation. He presented himself as Special Agent Harlen Maguire of the Bureau of Investigation. He asked if the mother had any knowledge of this, she lied and said no, but was convincing enough. The agent then turned to Jon and asked if he was involved. Jonathan responded that he would never want to be affiliated with such filthy criminals as his father and brother. Harlen was taken back by this and was surprised to find out that young Jon had hopes of becoming a cop.

Since Richard and Jake had been hauled off, the mother Elizabeth, Jonathan and the eldest sister Susan had to take care of the family. Since Jon was so close to finishing high school, he stuck to that mostly, but he also had to help run the store. Elizabeth no longer worked as a nurse. Susan left college only half way through her first semester to help run the liquor store as well. Jon could barely stand the sight of his mother. After all she and his father had taught him about being a good, decent and honest person…they were criminals. Jonathan had made up his mind to immediately join the police force after his graduation, having heard his father and brother breaking out of prison during a riot, he didn’t want to be around WHEN they tried to reestablish contact with the family. He had sworn his hatred against those two especially his father, who he blamed entirely for Bobby’s death. He advised his sister to get out as soon as she could. Which she did eventually.

He was able to get hold of Agent Maguire, who helped all throughout his time in training to become a cop. Harlen really looked after this kid, and liked his bold determination. After graduating at the head of his class from the academy, Jonathan walked a few beats in Chicago. He was quickly known amongst the smaller forms of scum, especially his father and brother as a real hard ass and always seem to take special pleasure in arresting any criminal he could. After a couple of years of this, Harlen had contacted Jon and invited him to apply for the BOI. Jumping on the occasion Jonathan submitted his application, with Agent Maguire recommendations, to the nearest office of the BOI. Jon was accepted and then sent to do some more training, seeing how he was going to be dealing with federal crimes now. Harlen was there to see Jonathan once again graduate at the top of his class and was now a Special Agent of the BOI.

Agent Scott’s first case was about a mobster based out of Chicago who had gone rogue from his mob family. Scott’s assignment was to locate this Michael Sullivan and bring him in because he would be a valuable asset in attaining incriminating evidence against his mob family headed by John Rooney. It was never really clear why Sullivan started popping off members of the Rooney family, but the BOI didn’t really care. They just wanted to use him as their way in. Jonathan was partnered with another agent named Gregory Atkins. The two became quite close friends. Jon didn’t have very many friends being so devoted to his job. Scott and Atkins never completed their assignment, even after almost two years. Sullivan was a very clever person and was able to escape the clutches of the BOI. The assignment was dropped, after John Rooney was gun down by an unknown assailant. After that, the Rooney family mob died out. Jonathan fought that the case be reopened, swearing that he knew where Sullivan had retreated to and wanted to bring him down. After all, he was still a criminal.

Agent Scott fought for that case until one night, he had been pulled aside in alley way on his way home, and not only was his life threatened, but the life of his sister Susan as well. Believing that this person, who had concealed his face, was Michael Sullivan. Agent Scott stopped pushing for the assignment to get reopened. He then requested a transfer to the New York office, having had his fair share of Chicago. Greg and Jon gave their farewells and departed still good friends. Jonathan Scott now lives in New York City at the age of 25.


Older sister Susan Scott, who Jonathan has kept in much contact with over the years. She has moved away from the family as well.

Agent Harlen Maquire, who mentored Jon through his training

Agent Gregory Atkins, Jon’s partner on the Sullivan case


Richard Scott, after the break out went back to Chicago and now runs a speak easy

Jake Scott, has become the enforcer for his father’s speak easy, doing all the “dirty” work.

Elizabeth Scott, helps Richard with the speak easy.


Agent Harlen Maguire

True Enemy:

Michael Sullivan, the mob hitman Scott was assigned to bring in but never did. Sullivan threatened Scott’s life and the life of the only family member he gave a damn about because Agent Scott got to close during the investigation.

Special Agent Jonathan Scott

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