Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Excerpt from Remy Fedrico's Journal

Meeting the Gang

I arrived quickly to the Juju House to find a group of men beating on some other men. It turns out the guys winning were the friends of Mr. Elias. They seemed to be in a hurry and just allowed me to come along since the good doctor knew my name. Though the cop was kind of annoying. Luckily, he left quickly. Once in this weird African tribal store, I found some knives and a secret door. We traveled down and stood in front of a giant stone door for a long time. Occasionally opening it to see a giant orgy. These guys really like to take there time. I heard a shriek that would make a voodoo mama cry while we were down there. Chilled the soul. Rowley did some shouting and we had to high tail it. Of course, knowing how to stall for time helped, even if some of them didn’t like the fire idea, I feel it worked well. Eventually we went to the doctor’s house and as I took in the night, I realized this story might be fruitful for me, and thus the community back home in N’Orleans. While there, it seemed I wasn’t trusted enough to be left alone, yet they trust me to fight with them? The next morning, I went along with the cop and the army vet to see what was left of the Juju house. Maybe get some clues. Nothing there but a zombie. Who knew such legends were real? Makes you wonder, no?


1 Hero-point awarded


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