Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Notes quickly scribbled on a police note pad

It’s a whole new layer I never knew. Thought I was in the best position. Now something beyond my control. I hate it.

Doctor seems to know what he’s doing- might be a future asset. Solider is pushy and carries himself like this is his city… but he’s a long way from the battlefield. The rest are just like him, except without the training.

Man walking with his guts out. Maybe just junkie who didn’t realize he was injured? No. Got to stop thinking it’s the world I thought I knew. Must adapt or I will go under.

None of them will listen to me. Must be patient. Merryweather will get himself killed- this is obviously beyond anything he can handle. The red-eyed freak is too quiet. Must watch him closely. And pretty sure Rowley is completely mad. Still, they’re more bodies that are between me and a bullet. Or a knife. Or whatever these crazy cult fucks are up to.

Club was a disaster. Didn’t know what they were doing. If I wasn’t stuck outside, could have got the information I needed. Hope the chump liked the feeling of a wood plank across the back of his stupid head. But now we’re at another dead end.

Must do more investigating. Need to understand the new threat. Got to find my a better position in this new world.

Then will deal with these minor inconveniences.



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