Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Excerpt from Remy Fedrico's Journal

Hitting the Club

Well, that meeting with the Professor was boring! I mean, he was passionate, can’t hate a man for that, but that just led nowhere. Although the Club wasn’t much better. That was a real flat tire if I ever saw one. We need to prepare better next time. That rich dame was real pompous, I should have known how to dealt with her. I tripped up. I didn’t plan things out. I think I’m still freaked out about that zombie. I mean, with stuff like that around, how can I live like normal? That floosey and her torpedo were a hassle. We were just lucky that cop wasn’t inside from the beginning. Though Rowley didn’t do much better. Hopefully he stays locked up so the rest of us can find out what’s going on without him making this a real fake-aloo! This is stressful stuff, I could really go for some Crawfish ‘bout now.


1 hero-point awarded!


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