Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Adventure Summary 07

Wherein the investigators receive a lesson in trust

Having procured Dr. Houston’s files, the investigators decided to see what they had found. Inside the file was a small manila folder with the name “Carlyle, Roger” printed at the top. Inside, the team found the case notes of the late playboy. While reading, Rowley, noticed that it seemed as though Huston began to record less and less about Carlyle, almost as though he were hiding something.

On a hunch, Mentiri went and talked with the local ne’er-do-well, Wayne Resnick. Resnick was not helpful at first, but once his palms were greased a bit, he told Mentiri that he heard the cultist had been staying at a warehouse down by the docks. With a bit more grease, he even dropped the name Doctor as the leader of the group there. Mentiri, Remy, and Rowley all hopped into Mentiri’s car and headed to the docks to find out what they could.

Back at the Carter residence, Dr. May Knight was phoned and asked to join the expedition. Carter felt that it would be good to have an archeologist along (as well as someone with contacts in London). She accepted, and Papadakis drove her to the hotel she would be staying at.

At the docs, the three men were met with a dilapidated building surrounded by six foot high fences around it. Mentiri began to circle the place looking for a way in and found a small section of the fence that had broken off at about four feet high. He and Remmy hopped the fence and began to case the joint.

It was only a few steps later they saw a dog round the corner and run straight for them. Mentiri was bit in the thigh and the backside, but otherwise, they both made it out unharmed. Stealth was clearly not going to work in this instance, so the group tried the front door.

The building was nearly empty, save for a few cans of dog food in one corner, a bum sleeping in another, and a writing mass in yet another. Upon inspection, it was two vagrants in the throws of passion. Upon Rowley’s interrupting of them, a brief scuffle ensued. Finding nothing of use or value, the men left, egos and backsides bruised.



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