Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Adventure Summary 06

Wherein the investigators secure information

Having surveyed the scene of Matthias M. Merryweather III’s suicide, the investigators decided to split up. Edgar Rowley, Doyle Mentiri, and Remy Federico all decided to head back to the office of Adrian Ferris to see if they could get their fingers on Dr. Robert Huston’s case notes on Roger Carlyle; while Nico Papadakis and Dr. Michael Carter headed out to find a drink to clear their heads; Jonathan Scott meanwhile stayed behind to clean up the mess.

Once at the Ferris’ office, the three waited and staked the place out for a bit. From what they could tell, the only night security was one dumpy man making 10-minute rounds of the building. Rowley went to run distraction as Remmy and Mentiri attempted to climb the fire-escape on the other side of the building. Using a clever suction cup contraption, Remmy was able to cut a small hole into the window and let themselves in.

At the same time, Rowley’s encounter was beginning to escalate. The guard fled to call his partner for help and Rowley gave chase.

Back inside the building, the two investigators had found the office they were looking for and had secured their way in.

With a heavy overhand swing, Rowley bashed the guard over the head as he was shouting for help. Awaking to the commotion, the elderly Irishman awoke an ran to the door, flinging it wide with a pistol at the ready.

Inside the office the two men diligently worked to get the door to the records room opened.

The man shouted to Rowley to drop his weapon, and he did. Figuring the man didn’t have the stones to shoot, Rowley then lit a cigarette and fled. Shots were fired and Rowley took a bullet to the leg, but otherwise escaped unharmed.

Mentiri and Remmy, both startled by the commotion hurried into the room, found the file they were looking for and quietly made their way back outside.

Carter and Papadakis had decided that a few drinks would do them both wonders. Together they headed to a nearby speakeasy. It was here they were seated next to a man in a suit and a beautiful woman.

While they were unwinding from their day, the two investigators overheard the man across from them invite the woman to Ms. Erica Carlyle’s Valentines Day Bash at her estate. The woman accepted, and in a fit of excitement the man bought a round of drinks for everyone.

The investigators used this opportunity to introduce themselves to the couple. The beautiful woman introduced herself as Dr. May Knight, an archaeologist with a passion for medieval England; and the man introduced himself as Edward Gavigan. The investigators immediately recalled the name as being someone heavily mentioned along with Erica Carlyle during her rise to power in the company.

Over the course of the evening, the four talked and drank merilly. Before the evening ended Papadakis managed to talk his way into two tickets to Erica Carlyle’s Valentines Day Bash! Gavigan excused himself and the young lady and they left for the evening.



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