Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Adventure Summary 04

Wherein the investigators attend the funeral for a friend and scour the city for information.

The evening came to a conclusion at the home of Dr. Michael Carter where Remy Federico opened the newspaper to discover that the obituary of their late friend, Elias Jackson , which announced that he would be having a funeral the following day. Shortly thereafter the doorbell rang. Standing at the door, looking much worse for wear was Edgar Rowley, alone. Doyle Mentiri had let him out of his cell and stayed behind to clean up the mess Rowley had caused.

The next morning, the team headed to the cemetery to say their goodbyes to their friend. It was here they met Jonah Kensington, a longtime friend of Jackson and an acquaintance of Carter. After the funeral the investigators met with Kensington back at his office. He explained of Jackson’s erratic nature prior to his death as well as some of the more cryptic letters.

First, he gave the investigators a letter , explaining that Jackson felt he had onto something he feared was over Jackson’s head…or his friend was losing his mind. He felt his latter assumption was more accurate, as shortly after he received another letter from Jackson. The second set he gave to the investigators was a series of pages, folded and stitched together to form a small quarto volume of forty pages. Frequently a page or a dozen pages are blank. Sometimes a single word is repeated for several pages. Most entries are written with agitation and can barely be read. The following was an excerpt from these notes (or that made any sense):

Many names, many forms, but all the same and toward one end…Need Help…Too big, too ghastly. These dreams…dreams like Carlyle’s? Check that psychoanalyst’s files…All of them survived! They’ll open the gate. Why? the power and the danger is real. They…many threads beginning…The books are in Carlyle’s safe…Coming for me. Will the ocean protect? Ho Ho no quitters now. Must tell, and make readers Believe. Should I scream for them? Let’s scream together…

He also gave the team two names Jackson had mentioned about his meeting in London: Mickey Mahoney, editor of The Scoop, and Inspector James Barrington of Scottland Yard. He also gave them the business card Jackson had left in his office. With this new information, the team split up and tried to collect more data.

Nico Papadakis phoned the Harvard library and spoke with Miriam Atwright regarding a book Jackson had written her in search of. She reported back that he had looked for the book Africa’s Dark Sects, but they did not have it. Only a month prior, the book had vanished from that section of the library. When pressed further, she reported “There was an unspeakable odor in the collection the day we noticed the book was missing”.

During this time, Carter and Jonathan Scott returned to Emerson Imports to attempt to gleam more information. It was here they met Arthur Emerson, who was eager to help. Unfortunately, he did not have any further information to provide the couple.

Matthias Merryweather, Rowley, and Remy had gone off to find the New York Pillar offices. Here they scoured for information regarding the disappearance of the Carlyle expedition, but came away nearly empty handed. They were able to get the name of Erica Carlyle’s Chief Council, a man named Bradley Grey.

Everyone, with their newfound information reconvened at the Carter house, where they exchanged information and planned their next move.



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