Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Adventure Summary 03

Wherein the investigators attempt to question Erica Carlyle

Deciding to follow up on a clue , our intrepid adventurers made their way to New York College to visit the lecturer. Upon their arrival, Rowley overheard two young ladies mention that Erica Carlyle would be in town.

The group was directed towards the east side of campus, where Professor Anthony Dimsdale Cowles had taken up residence during his stay in New York. It was here they met the beautiful Miss Ewa Seaward Cowles as well.

Professor Cowles basically explained the entirety of his lecture to them. Cowles had very little knowledge of Jackson Elias, but told them what he knew. Later that evening, after bidding adieu to Cowles, Mentiri, Remy, Nico, and Rowley, all headed to the LeRoy Dance Club to meet up with Carlyle.

Due to their overall lack of money, nice clothes, and general poshness, they were restricted entry. After some clever searching and a bit of breaking and entering, Remmy was able to sneak everyone in through the kitchen door. Once inside, Rowley had attempted to speak with Carlyle but was repeatedly turned away by Joe Corey, Carlyle’s bodyguard.

A scuffle ensued and Rowley was later arrested. Due to quick thinking on Mentiri’s part, he was able to fool the bouncers into releasing Rowley into his care. The group returned to Carter’s place, beaten and bruised, but not broken.



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