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Adventure Summary 02

Wherein the investigators encounter a sadistic cult and get their first taste of insanity

The men all stood around the back entrance of the JuJu House catching their breath when they heard a faint rustling in the alley besides them. Cautiously, the men all readied themselves and ordered the lurker out. A man steps out of the shadows and introduced himself as Remy Federico and explained how he made his way to find the gentlemen. After some brief introductions, the men made their way into the shop, while Carter stayed outside on watch.

They all made their way around the little shop and helped themselves to the elaborate weaponry. During his inspection, Remy noticed that behind the counter the rug was rolled back revealing a trapdoor. The door was unlocked, so the group followed the stairs down to the rather large hallway below.

Once in the hallway, the sounds of drums in a rhythmic beat became clear. The drums played an accompaniment to the cacophonous sounds of a large crowd in a frenzy. At the end of this stone hewn hallway, the men all stood before a set of massive oak doors. Steeling himself, Merryweather slowly opened the door to look inside.

From his angle of the room, Merryweather was able to make out a rather large underground room filled to capacity with naked writhing bodies. Upon seeing this Rowley undressed and donned his own leather headpiece and ventured into the crowd. From within the room, Rowley was able to make out the naked man leading the ceremony, as well as two unconscious prisoners hanging from a rafter and two zombies flanking the priest. At that sight, Rowley exits the room to inform the others of his findings, while Mentiri went back upstairs to call for backup.

Mentiri and Carter spend a few minutes cleaning up the more incriminating evidence lying around outside and then phone the police. From dispatch he was informed that there was one officer in the area, but backup would take 20+ minutes.

Meanwhile, back inside the JuJu House, the frenzy seems to come to a halt and the priest began to speak. Though they could make out his words, they can tell he is very empassioned by what he is said.

The minutes stretch on for hours, but Officer Hubert Cumberdale shows up on the scene. Mentiri and Merryweather inform him of the happenings inside and they all rush back to the building. Back in the hallway, the group hears the crowd begin to chant “Chakota, Chakota, Chakota!” The sound of a winch being pulled is followed shortly thereafter by a scream the likes of which none of them had ever heard. Peeking back inside, the crowd is gathered around a large hole in the floor that had been previously covered by a tremendous stone. Inside the whole was what could only be described as a giant pulsating worm covered in dozens of faces, all of them writhing in agony. Standing above the whole was the priest, holding a sacrifice.

“Halt!” fills the room and all eyes turn to Rowley. The priest grabs a cultist by the hair and hurls him to the ravenous beast and shouts for his subjects to get the intruders. Papadakis slammed the door shut and deadbolted it as the angry mob beyond began to pound on it. At this point, the group had little choice but to head back upstairs and hope for the best. The shut and locked the trapdoor and pushed a heavy armoire on top for good measure and waited.

Soon the silence was broken by the sounds of gunshots as the trapped cultists began to shoot their way out. On their way out the door, the group grabs Mentiri and Cumberdale and ran.

Everyone went to their respective cars and began as the group of naked cultists poured out of the building armed with African weaponry and gave chase. Once in the cars, everyone made it out without incident, save for Carter and Rowley. Carter had to drop Rowley off at his car and met two cultists on the way. With an expert display of driving, Rowley backed up over one of the and headed off down an alley with the second hanging from the roof. After some weaving and tricky driving, Rowley slammed on the breaks and the cultist toppled off onto the floor. With some glee, Rowley drove over the cultist and headed back to Carter’s.

Back at his home, Carter began to question the junkie trapped in the truck. While searching him, Carter came across a piece of paper folded to hold the junkie’s cocaine. There was no good information to be had from the junkie, so the next morning they dropped him off at the police station for his part in the murder of Jackson Elias.

While writing his report Mentiri noticed a matchbook left on his desk by Poole.

Carter spent the day researching the symbol that had been carved into his friends forehead and found that it thought to have been an offshoot of an unnamed cult driven out of dynastic Egypt. At that same time, everyone else had gone back to the JuJu House only to find it having been burnt down. After some searching the made their way back into the secret room. In the room they encountered a zombie.


Holy crap. If you guys could just not do anything next game, that would make the recap much easier to write. Yes the writing is ugly…but after a while I stopped caring.

Adventure Summary 02

There’s nothing like running afoul a naked, writhing, group of cultists. The bad news – there’s usually LOTS of them. The good news – at least bullets do full damage…

Adventure Summary 02

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