Concerning the late Roger Carlyle

Adventure Summary 01

Wherein the investigators are unwittingly dragged into a plot that threatens to break their bodies and minds

It all started with a telegram sent to Dr. Michael Carter by his friend Jackson Elias. In response to the request for assistance, Carter wrote up a request to each of the investigators requesting your assistance.

On or around January 15th you all arrive at Carter’s beautiful home in Manhattan. It is here you meet for the first time and discuss your memories of your friend. Around 2pm there is a phone call for Carter; it is Elias. The call is short and somewhat odd. It was not like Elias to sound rushed or afraid. Elias’ request was simple: “Meet me at the Chelsea Hotel, Room 410, at 8 pm.” He would not elaborate. Carter would soon realize, these were the last words he and his friend would exchange.

The investigators arrived promptly at 8 pm and headed to the room, where they find that the door is locked. Elias does not reply to persistent knocking, or attempting to call him through the door. Doyle Mentiri reaches down and picked the lock, securing the way in. It was here they encountered the eviscerated body of their friend. On his forehead they discover a symbol of some kind carved into his flesh. Nico Papadakis, hearing someone on the fire escape, gave chase. He was fast, but the men were faster. Only moments too late, the three suspected murders enter their Hudson and flee the scene of the crime.

A cursory search yielded a letter left on the hotel floor, a photograph dropped on the fire escape, and a small business card in Elias’ pocket. Shortly thereafter, the police showed up in a paddy wagon to collect any evidence they could find from the scene. The police, headed by Lt. Martin Poole, questioned Mentiri about the murder. Being an officer himself, the investigators were cleared as suspects. After a few words together, Mentiri headed to the station to search for clues regarding a black Hudson with plates NYL7.

Shortly after 9 pm a call came in to the station. A Mr. Martin Witherspoon had reported his black Hudson stolen. Mentiri gathered up the investigators and paid Witherspoon a visit. Finding no evidence of wrong doing, but having validated information of the killers being two negro men and one white man (all not having yet reached middle age), the group headed to Emerson Imports. With Matthias M. Merryweather III leading them through the tangled streets of Manhattan, they find the warehouse. Leaving Edgar Rowley on watch, the men all enter the warehouse via a back entrance.

It is here they found a ledger that mentioned a name they found scrawled on the back of a business card, a Silas N’Kwane. With a few minutes of further searching, they also located mention of N’Kwane’s shop, the JuJu House. The investigators quickly headed to the JuJu house.

With a stroke of good luck, Papadakis noticed the bumper of what looked to be a black Hudson poking around the corner of an alleyway. Sitting in the front seat is what appears to be some kind of strung out junkie. The investigators quickly subdue him and disarm him of his pranga, and tied him up. Further down the alley, while trying to break into the JuJu House, the investigators were attacked by three men posing as vagrants. With the help of the gun-packing Special Agent Jonathan Scott and Mentiri; the investigators are able to deal with the attackers.



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